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Our mission is to be of service to local brick and mortar businesses that do not not have a presence on the Internet, and to the ones that do… To advise them on Maximum Internet Exposure.

We all know that without customers coming in to look at our goods or services we don’t stand a chance in making a profit. You can have the most exciting product in the world, you can offer the greatest service known to man, unfortunately without effective advertising you’re doomed to failure.

These days effective advertising means having a strong foothold on the Internet. Gone are the days when you simply bought a yellow page ad where people would find you. The world now turns to Google, Yahoo, MSN to search for all the information they need.

We generate traffic for your business.

We have new marketing techniques that we utilize to help offline businesses establish a solid and profitable foothold on the internet. We increase your customers and best of all, your bottom line.

Our Services

We offer local businesses a way to market on the Internet without incurring excessive fees. Our company creates Videos of local Businesses/Services and uploads them to Major Video Sites, such as Youtube,  Metacafe, Daily Motion, and Viddler. Today more than 50% of all searches are done on video sites. Search engines love video, and with so many Video Sites that have one of your videos uploaded, you are assured to come up on local searches on top, with your phone number well displayed.

We create mobile sites. According to Google 25% of all searches today (2012) are done on smart phones. They are predicting that number to reach well over 50% by the end of 2012. Your regular website created for a desktop computer will load and show very poorly on a smart phone. Go ahead, look for your website on your mobile phone….looks terrible? We can fix that inexpensively.
Customers on these phones want quick and easy information to call you. If you don’t make it easy for them, they leave quickly, and go elsewhere.

I often deal with restaurant owners and speak to them about mobile marketing. In all honesty, it is not their fault how quickly the internet has changed almost every aspect of our life.
It’s a difficult conversation when they realize that most people today are searching on their smartphones and not on a home computer. Until you show them what their website looks like on a cell phone with web access. Then they see the light of day.
And then they realize that they can increase profits anywhere from 10 to 25% when they get mobile ready. Would you spend $50/100 on a monthly base if it could return 10/20 times that amount? Sure you would, and so would I. Well those are the statistics when it come to mobile marketing, and text messaging your customers.
You gotta get on board before your competition, no matter what your business is.

Look at people in any public area these days and there’s a good chance you’ll see someone browsing the web on a smart phone such as iPhone or Android.
In order to provide this rapidly growing base of mobile web users with an optimal experience, more and more website owners are pursuing mobile web development to ensure that their website is optimized for smart phone display.
Mobile websites are specifically designed for handheld devices, it allows you to immediately engage users with mobile-specific features such as click-to-call, Click to email, click to locate and more immediate information that your potential customer is looking for. Nobody wants to browse a desktop website on their smart phone. A mobile site immediately helps you stand out and presents a positive, contemporary brand identity for your organization; it makes a positive statement before they even come into your place of business.
A mobile website puts you many steps ahead of your competitors, if your website doesn’t look good on a smart phone users will move on to one that does. Your mobile site ensures that you – not your competitors, capture visitor attention while they’re searching for your goods os services.


And let’s not forget how you can target your customers directly with SMS marketing. One text message per day or week to their mobile phones with the right offer, assure they’ll happily come back.
Most leading industry analysts project that within a few short years, mobile phones will overtake PCs as the most common Web access device worldwide. The responsibility now falls on the business owners to take advantage of the unique opportunities mobile offers for connecting with the growing number of visitors who will inevitably access their website on mobile devices.

Google Places

We will create a Google places listing for your business. It will be optimized to its fullest potential, insuring that it will show up on local search. If you already have a G. listing that is buried by your competitors and not showing up..We can change that for you.
Google places, formerly known as Google maps, is a must have tool for any business looking to increase their presence and sales utilizing this free service by Google. If you’re not familiar with this service, here’s how it works.
When a person living in say White Plains, NY is searching on Google for a “dentist in White Plains” here is what Google will show as a search result.

Google places works for all businesses listed with them, no matter what services or products you’re offering locally. Can you imagine what a well placed Google listing can do for your business?
According to Google, 83% of people that are looking for something start online first.
Are they finding your business? We work exclusively with one company per industry per city.

Email marketing campaigns

Most business owners don’t realize that they have a great source to increase business right under their nose.
By capturing the email of their existing customers, they can invite them back at will. sending out an email on a weekly base and telling them to come in for a discount on whatever product or service they offer for a weekly special.
How about this line in the email to get new customers in the door. “feel free to pass this saving along to your friends and family”

Facebook Business Fan Page

We will create a Facebook business fan page for you. Facebook has over 800 million users and growing. Every time someone joins your business fan page, all of their friends are immediately notified that Joe/Jane has joined your fan page
Imagine what this could mean for your marketing efforts.

We invite you to call us today and discuss which strategy best fits your business needs. You will be surprised at how affordable it can be.

The choice is simple.

Continue to pay for newspaper advertising that runs for the day or week and hope that someone will see it. Have a website that is sitting on page 142 that collects dust or… Call Us

Let’s discuss a marketing strategy that works best for you and your advertising budget.

The information and ideas that you will receive are priceless. Print advertising is no longer the answer. get in front of your competitors starting today!

Prepare yourself for a real increase in your bottom line. It starts when you call!

Anthony Paribello

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